Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Dost-Tech. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Dost-Tech Rules

    1. Members are not allowed to engage in threatening behavior toward other members. This includes flaming.

    2. Don't try to cause harm to member and public, this includes attempt to infect members with any kind of malware infection.

    3. No direct links to infected downloads in posts or profiles.

    4. Do not post personal information that isn't yours.

    5. Signature images should not be annoying.

    6. No adult images, adult links, or adult account trading.

    7. Multiple accounts will not be allowed unless you are reporting your original account as hacked. Ban evading will result in the permanent closing of your old account and new accounts. No exceptions.

    8. Advertising of competing sites is not allowed.

    9. No posting of cracked programs download url address links.

    10. Product keys, key gens, serials and software cracks discussion or linking is not allowed.

    11.The blackhat hacking activities we do not allow here on Dost-Tech.

    12. Blackmail and Extortion. We do not want this type of discussion here. Obvious criminal activity and very illegal.

    13. No adult images such as nudity.

    14. No religious or political expression in your profile.

    15. All text must be in English or readable as English in the case of fancy unicode.

    16. You cannot impersonate other members.

    17. No advertising of ddos, stress testing, or booter services in your profile and at any forums.

    18. No advertising of NFA (Non-Free Account) threads, sales, or services in your profile.

    18. Post in the correct category. Read the forum descriptions if you are confused.

    19. Don't double post. That's when you post one after another instead of editing your existing first post.

    20. Don't cross post. That's when you repeat a post in multiple threads or categories.

    21. Create relevant subjects for threads.

    22. When posting content from another site, credit the site; use quotes and link to original content (unless it is a competing forum, in which case you shouldn’t be posting the content).

    23. Be kind to others. How hard is it not to be an *******?

    24. Please try to be a mature person even if your age is under 16 years old.

    25. Be polite and thoughtful debate on potentially controversial topics. There will be no flaming, swearing, or cursing. Anyone not following these simple rules will, without notice, have their posts immediately removed.

    26. Please use the search functions, at the top right of each page, to find your answers. If you are still having problems, feel free to post your question.

    27. All help must be provided in the forums. We only allow Remote Support team members to provide and requested via personal message, email, or remote desktop control programs (Logmein, TeamViewer, etc) .

    28. If a topic is posted in a forum that is not appropriate for the question, the staff has the right to move that topic to another better suited forum.

    29. The posting of any copyrighted material on our web site is strictly prohibited.

    30. When posting, please use proper grammar. Refrain from 'text-message' style substitutions of words like 'u' for 'you', and 'ur' for 'your'. This is a multi-national forum, and some of our non-english speaking members must use translation software which is confused by abbreviations. Most of our volunteer members are very busy helping as many people as they can, and a post that is hard to read will often be overlooked.

    31. There will be no racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discrimination. This will not be tolerated and can lead to immediate suspension.

    32. There will be no posts meant to offend or hurt any other member, in a manner which is offensive or inflammatory. This includes flaming or instigating arguments.

    33. Spamming is not permitted; please keep all your posts as constructive as possible.

    34. Pornography, warez, or any other illegal transactions may NOT be linked in any shape or form.

    35. This forum has the right to request alteration or deletion of any offensive post. If this is not done in a prompt manner, the Staff will delete the material themselves.

    36. Posts may be deleted for any reasons the forum administrators deem reasonable.

    37. Pictures may be posted as long as they are not explicit, offensive, or copyrighted.

    38. Advertisements, of any sort, are not permitted. This includes member names and links to commercial sites in Signatures, or in posts. You also may not solicit sales for Newegg through the use of promotion or coupon codes. If you would like to advertise on our site, contact us here.

    39. Members may have only one account on this forum. There is no need to have more than one.

    40. Linked and locked topics are pruned regularly to reduce page clutter. If you have a question about where your topic went, please PM a Moderator or Administrator before starting a new topic asking where it went, or posting a duplicate of the original topic. We will be happy to provide you with a link to the new location, or a reason why it was locked and/or removed.

    41. You should only use shareable links for files that you have the legal right to share with others (for example, documents, photos, software, music, and videos that you personally created). You do not have the right to share files unless you own the copyright in them or have been given permission by the copyright owner to share them. Purchasing or legally acquiring video, music, ebooks, or software does not give you the right to share that material with third parties over the Internet. If you have any doubts about whether you have the legal right to share certain files, you should not share them.

    42. Due to the nature of online help we are not able to verify ownership, and will not be able to help bypass or recover any user passwords, cd keys, license codes, serial numbers, etc.

    43. Staff and Members give their time freely to help others, please be courteous and conclude your topic if assistance is no longer required.

    Violation of any of these rules can lead to a banning of the user from our Web Site and a deletion of their account.
  2. Rules For How To Submit Your Own Guides!

    1. A moderator will examine the guide and approve it based on its accuracy, legibility, and completeness. Please note, that when you post your guide, it will not appear until a staff member approves it, so do not be concerned if you do not see it immediately.

    2. Do not supply links to any external file download url addresses.

    3. All attached files will be examine any attachment that will cause harm to public and this forums members will be removed and attachment owner will be banned for life form this forums.

    4. When creating the guides make sure so that they are uniform and easily understood by the reader.

    5. Submitted guide can be disapproved if the guide is not easily understood by the readers.

    6. All attachments has to be place into .zip archive!